A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

WISP Consult was started by (Me) Timothy Steele I started working for a WISP right out of high school starting from the bottom fixing computers from the storage room to operations manager in just a few short years.

By working closely with the CEO’s of the many WISP’s I have managed and worked for across the U.S,  I have gained invaluable insight and experience.

Over the past 15 years working for WISP’s there was always two big issues,

1: Consultants cost too much for a new WISP starting out this leads to many many headaches and growing pains as the infrastructure was just thrown together as you try to read online for all the free help you can get but ended up with a very poor network design

2: You can’t afford to hire anyone to keep on eye on the network, Correct issues from tickets coming in overnight, Get management software like UNMS up and running for you, keep the wireless network running smooth so you can focus on getting new clients

“WISP Consult” Was created to help WISP’s solve these issues and I’m excited to see it grow


Timothy Steele

Timothy Steele


Timothy Has worked in the WISP industry for over 16 years He has worked all positions inside a WISP from Computer repair to an installer to Network ADMIN to Operations manager to partner