IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our Software LAB Projects are currently 100% outsourced and can only offer limited support on code at this time 

Sync Helper 0.9 is a Google Sheet You must have a Gmail account


you need to load tower names and location data in the locations tab before you use the main data tab, in the main tab select location from the locations dropdown

give it the compass heading the center of each antenna is pointing at

antenna coverage tell it what width your antenna is for example 60 or 120

under channel say the channel you are using for example 5835

Tolerance Mhz set channel Width in use for example 40 if using a 40mhz channel

after you enter the data the same channel in use same tower and conflicting devices tabs will be filled out automatically based on the data you give it

I’m providing this free of charge

all I ask if you like it please donate whatever amount you feel is fair or help improve this Google sheet and allow me to share it

you can make a Copy of the Sync Helper Google Sheet by Clicking Here



Google sheet is too slow after 400 Devices if enough donations I will have someone make a real app